30 May 2013

Interaction of PoS Terminal and Banking cards with chip

My former colleague wrote very interesting post about interaction of PoS terminal and banking cards with chip. So sharing with my readers. Enjoy and peace on you!

19 Apr 2013

Colorify less in Terminal.app

I don't know about you but I'm using less command in terminal window quite often. Especially it is very useful when you need to check quickly some parts of a source code. But the problem is that less command shows source code in plain text.
Recently I found this post about usage of pygments and less command. The given recipe tested on Linux and didn't work on my Mac with ZSH. After digging a little bit I drastically simplified it. Here it is:

  • We need to install pygments (http://pygments.org/). In my case it was simple: 
  pip install pygments
  • Add the following lines to .zshrc (in your case it could be .bashrc if you use Bash): 
export LESS="-R"
export LESSOPEN="|pygmentize -g %s"
The main difference from initial way is to rely on "-g" parameter of pygmentize instead of explicitly specification of lexer. Now my less command looks as follows:

Enjoy! Peace on you!