9 Nov 2010

Emacs ELPA and Wanderlust

After installation of Wanderlust in Emacs I’ve recognized that package.el has stopped working with message:

Symbol’s function definition is void: mailcap-parse-mailcaps

I did some investigation and figured out that it is conflict between mailcap.el in FLIM package and mailcap.el in Gnus. The first one is not defining mailcap-parse-mailcaps function.

Quick fix is loading mailcap.el from Gnus manually before FLIM loading:

(load-file "C:/emacs/emacs-24.0.50/lisp/gnus/mailcap.el")

I’m not sure that this is correct solution but it seems work.

1 comment:

lawlist said...

Thank you. I received this message with org-toodledo plugin, and this resolved my issue.