9 Nov 2010

Uncaught exception and Status Word (SW) 6F00

Okay, you have developed applet and trying to load to smart card (hereafter I'll call it SIM Card as it is one of particular usage of Smart Card). But on last INSTALL AND MAKE SELECTABLE APDU you've received 6F00 Status Word (SW). 6F00 SW is not documented by any standard and generally means something wrong with the card. But based on my own experience most of the time it isn't card issue.

So what could be reason of 6F00?

Answer is very simple. Uncaught exception in your constructor or in install() method.

Below an example:

import sim.toolkit.*;
import javacard.framework.*;

public class DummyApplet extends javacard.framework.Applet implements
        ToolkitInterface, ToolkitConstants {
    private static byte[] RAM_Buffer; 

     * Constructor of the applet
    public DummyApplet() {
        register(bArray, (short) (bOffset + 1), (byte) bArray[bOffset]);


     * Method called by the JCRE at the installation of the applet
     * @param bArray the byte array containing the AID bytes
     * @param bOffset the start of AID bytes in bArray
     * @param bLength the length of the AID bytes in bArray
    public static void install(byte[] bArray, short bOffset, byte bLength) {
        // Create the Java SIM toolkit applet
        DummyApplet dummyApplet = new DummyApplet();
        // Register this applet
        dummyApplet.register(bArray, (short) (bOffset + 1),
                (byte) bArray[bOffset]);

        short offsetCI = (short) (bOffset + bArray[bOffset] + 1);
        short paramIdx = (short) (offsetCI + bArray[offsetCI] + 1);
        short bufLength = Util.getShort(bArray, paramIdx);         

        RAM_Buffer = JCSystem.makeTransientByteArray(bufLength, JCSystem.CLEAR_ON_RESET);

Of course this is really dummy applet but it shows typical JavaCard developers mistake. You have to remember that transient memory (RAM) is very limited on SIM Card and your applet is not alone. Some other applets could already took some part of memory. And probability of getting SystemException.NO_TRANSIENT_SPACE on the line:

RAM_Buffer = JCSystem.makeTransientByteArray(bufLength, JCSystem.CLEAR_ON_RESET);

is very high.

Conclusion: You have to try/catch exceptions in constructor and install() method. If you are allocating some memory buffers check available memory before.


Sajith Vijesekara said...

hi thanks your post.i want to know how to get free available Memory in java card.

Nodir Gulyamov said...

Starting from JavaCard 2.2 you have getAvailableMemory method in JCSystem. You can use it to get available memory.